Lawers Dam
Breadalbane Scheme

Lawers dam holds back Lochan-na-Lairige reservoir – the main storage area for the Lawers section of the Breadalbane scheme. This reservoir collects water from 45 sq km. From here, it travels by pipeline to Finlarig power station on Loch Tay.

Hydro in Perthshire

In the 1940s, hydro power brought electricity to rural Scotland and transformed the way people lived.  Today, we care for this legacy but also invest in the future through new hydro stations and wind farms.

Breadalbane Scheme

The Breadalbane scheme centres on Loch Lyon, Loch Earn and Loch Tay. This mountainous region contains several deep glaciated valleys with high peaks well above 900 metres. The steep slopes and heavy rain and snowfall are ideal for producing hydro power. The snowfields act as ‘nature’s batteries’, storing water until the snow melts.

The scheme began generating power in 1956, with the entire scheme in place by 1961. Today it contains three sections – Lawers, Killin and St. Fillans – with seven main power stations.


Lawers dam consists of a watertight upstream part supported on the downstream side by buttresses. It is 344m long and 42m high. Architects designed dams to blend into or enhance the Highland landscape to make them more accepted by local people.