Pitlochry Dam & Power Station
Tummel Valley Scheme

Pitlochry dam holds back the waters of Loch Faskally. Engineers designed it to control flooding downstream in the rivers Tummel and Tay. Pitlochry power station, which opened in 1951, discharges into the River Tummel.

Pitlochry’s famous fish ladder contains 34 pools that cover 310 metres. About 5400 salmon use it every year to bypass the dam on their journeys upstream. All of the Tummel Valley’s dams contain fish ladders or lifts. Experts also make sure those rivers below dams flow with enough water for wildlife all year around. 

Hydro in Perthshire

In the 1940s, hydro power brought electricity to rural Scotland and transformed the way people lived.  Today, we care for this legacy but also invest in the future through new hydro stations and wind farms.

Tummel Valley Scheme

The Tummel Valley scheme collects water from 1,800 square km of the Grampian Mountains. The main storage reservoir is Loch Ericht. In the 1930s, this area became one of the first in Scotland to be developed for hydro power.