Shin Power Station
Shin Scheme

Shin power station is supplied with water from little Loch Shin through an 8km tunnel. Shin diversion weir controls the flow to the station and allows compensation water to flow over the Falls of Shin. The station discharges into the River Shin.

Completed in 1958, Lairg dam holds back Loch Shin. Water from the loch feeds Lairg power station, which discharges below the dam into little Loch Shin. Architect James Shearer carefully designed the structures so that local villagers would better accept them. 

Hydro in the Highlands

In 1943, only one in a hundred crofts in the Highlands had electricity. But in just a few decades, affordable electricity would transform the way people lived. Hydro power made this

Shin Scheme

Fully operating by 1960, the Shin scheme is the most northerly hydro scheme on the Scottish mainland. Its catchment area lies mainly in open moorland and covers almost 650km2. Loch Shin provides the primary storage. The total output of the Shin scheme is small compared to other schemes. However, it’s a very significant output for this northern part of Scotland.