Griffin Wind Farm

Griffin wind farm opened in early 2012 and covers an area about the size of Perth. Most of its 68 turbines contain blades that are 49 metres long. This was the first time that blades this length were used in the UK. Up to 200 people worked here at the peak of construction. They not only put up all the turbines, but built or improved about 39km of roads.

Experts also surveyed the different species and habitats on the site. They recorded black grouse, red grouse, curlew, and short-eared owls, as well as mountain hare and roe deer.  Today, newly planted native woodlands, heath and blanket bog create a better environment for wildlife than existed before the turbines came.


Designing a wind farm poses many challenges. We choose the windiest spots for our turbines so they make the most electricity. But we also must respect the environment and scenic views. Not interfering with aircraft radar is critical too!